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Toxication - Tarsis - Toxication / Psychological FX (Vinyl)

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Toxication - Tarsis - Toxication / Psychological FX (Vinyl)

Ecstasy intoxication: the toxicological basis for treatment. November Revista do Hospital das Clínicas 58 (6) DOI: /S Source. PubMed. Project.

Answer: Question: What is the difference between “intoxication” and “toxication”? Answer: It is a good question. “Intoxication”, generally means the act.

Toxication, toxification or toxicity exaltation is the conversion of a chemical compound into a more toxic form in living organisms or in substrates such as soil or water. The conversion can be caused by enzymatic metabolism in the organisms, as well as by abiotic chemical reactions. While the parent drug are usually less active, both the parent drug and its metabolite can be chemically active and cause toxicity.

Some Manifestations of Toxicity •Enzyme inhibition –―Death cap‖ mushrooms (LD 50 = 30g) –Antiretroviral HIV drugs •Inflammation (local or widespread) –EC and airway inflammation •Necrosis (tissue death) –Rattlesnake and brown recluse venoms Some Manifestations of Toxicity, cont. •Lipid peroxidation (free radical oxidation of.

Define toxication. toxication synonyms, toxication pronunciation, toxication translation, English dictionary definition of toxication. n 1. poisoning 2. a process of metabolism whereby the metabolized drug or chemical is more toxic than the parent drug or chemical Collins English Dictionary Toxication - definition of toxication by The Free Dictionary.

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